Gilbert Elementary

Project: Emerging Aquaponics

Gilbert elementary is blazing new trail in the area of environmental sustainability and STEM principals. The students at Gilbert are learning about sustainable farming techniques and putting that knowledge to use through project based learning.

  • 29 Mar
    Gilbert Aquaponics Growing Wild!

                In the SPLASH lab at GES students are welcomed into a sustainable science wonderland.  The tomato plants are virtually outgrowing the lab and students are now experimenting with their own aquaponic systems.

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  • 9 Oct
    Let there be light at GES!

      Things are moving along at Gilbert elementary.  The SPLASH lab finally has the proper lighting it needs to sustain growth for all of it’s plants.

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  • 30 Aug
    Yes that is a principal teaching a science lab!

          Matt Harris, the principal at Gilbert Elementary School, has taken the role of instructional leader to heart.  Mr. Harris is teaching lessons based on sustainable agriculture and aquaponics in the newly modified science lab at GES.  He is even brave enough to handle live crawfish.

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  • 15 Aug
    New growth at Gilbert.

      Gilbert’s aquaponic system is almost complete. The only hurdles left now are installing the lights and establishing proper ventilation.  In the mean time starter fish have been added and we are begging to see the first sprouts of kale and micro greens.

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