Lafayette High School

Project: Animal Science

The agriculture programs at LHS have a sharp focus on animal science, but for now students do not have a facility to raise their own livestock.
Plans for expansion include:

A fully functioning livestock barn complete with classroom laboratory space.
Aquaculture cages to establish a catfish farm on the existing pond behind the football field.

  • 25 Apr
    Poultry Science at LHS

    Part 2 of our Poultry STEM projects began(hatched) last night and this morning. Students will weigh chicks and begin feed conversion trails with different protein percentages. They will also be measuring growth rates for several other factors including: day length, hand feeding vs. free choice, male vs. female and confined vs. free-range. Part 1 was […]

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  • 18 Apr
    Establishing Roots

    Aquaponic research at LHS is really taking root.  The channel cats have almost doubled in size and all of the plants are flourishing in this new ecosystem.        

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  • 26 Aug
    LHS system is ready for fish!

      The aquaponics system at LHS is fully plumbed and is ready for fish.  The FFA officers and the Inner City Aquaponics team, have been woking tirelessly to get the system ready for the start of school.  LHS instructors, Michael Gardner and Carol Cross will be working in conjunction with the students to decide the […]

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  • 1 Aug
    LHS aquaponics system is almost complete!

         LHS should have it’s aquaponic system up and running before the start of school.  As you can see from the pictures, once complete they should be able to produce a substantial amount of food from a narrow space in the green house. Oh and thanks again Hatponics.    

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