Naomi Elementary

Project: Blueberry Farming

  • 27 Mar
    Blueberry Science!

    Naomi Elementary students are welcoming spring by planting blueberry bushes, a culmination of this year’s school-wide STEM project.  In preparation, students have planted and observed bean plants in order to learn about plant life cycles and needs.  Additionally, Joe and Simone Kilpatrick, community partners and the owners of The Blueberry Farm in LaFayette, have made […]

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  • 6 Aug
    Naomi Blueberry farm adds a partner!

      Joe Kilkpatrick, the proprietor of an awesome blueberry farm on highway 151, is very excited about partnering with Naomi Elementary with their blueberry project.  Through this project, students will be making science part of their everyday routines.  Students will become knowledgeable about the health benefits of blueberries, growing zones, plant varieties, soil types, pH […]

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