Ridgeland High School

Project: Aquaponics

We are literally outgrowing the lab at RHS, because of the unique nature of the program and educational opportunities that it provides for STEM collaborations.Our plans for expansion include:An outdoor classroom consisting of a pergola and seating that would allow greater access to the program for all students at Ridgeland. An additional greenhouse that would give adequate space for technology and engineering experimentation, as well as plant and animal research.

  • 31 Mar
    Zebra fish have arrived at RHS!

      These blurry little creatures are called Zebra fish.  Thanks to our friends at Gadsden State University, the students in the Ridgeland STEM Academy along with AP biology students, will have an opportunity to work with these fascinating fish. Zebra fish are used in research in a myriad of biomedical fields.  Students in the RHS […]

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  • 29 Mar
    Georgia Tech and Ridgeland STEM learn together!

             The RHS STEM Academy visited the Georgia Tech Research Institute to collaborate with engineering students and professors on their STEM projects.  Earlier in the year Georgia Tech professors and students visited RHS for a lesson on aquaponics from the RHS STEM teachers.

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  • 29 Mar
    RHS STEM students are hands on!

          Students in the STEM Academy at RHS are getting hands on with with their work.  They recently installed a large bio-filter to convert ammonia to ammonia-nitrates in the aquaponic pools.  They are also constantly keeping track of the growth rates of the fish. Veggies will be planted after spring break!       […]

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  • 28 Feb
    Tilapia Moving Day at RHS

      Sometimes you’re a big fish in a small pond.  At the RHS Aquaponics lab we have a lot of big fish in a small tank.  Today the students at RHS gave the largest tilapia a little more room to roam by moving them to a larger tank.  This will allow the fish to grow […]

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