Rossville Elementary

Project: Emerging Aquaponics

It is rare for an elementary school to have an interest in sustainable agriculture or aquaponics, but Rossville Elementary has a one of a kind project that exposes every student, every day to both. RES has eighty-six feet of aquaponic grow tube in their lunch room, complete with blue channel catfish and a Japanese Shubunkin. Each grade level tends to their designated growing space and has chosen unique fruits and vegetables to harvest. Their future plans for expansion include a small green house and a sustainable garden.

  • 29 Jul
    Rossville Elementary prepping there system

    Rossville elementary is prepping their aquaponics for a new year.  They will be adding a new tank to the system that will make it easier for the students to view and study the fish.  The system will run without fish or plants for approximately 20 days.  Then the new fish will be introduced to the […]

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