Rossville Middle

Project: Wetland Management

The STEM program at RMS has exploded in the last
year. They have a very unique opportunity with the wetland
areas that are just steps form their classroom doors.Our plans for expansion include:Three more aquaculture cages to allow students to experiment with different species of fish. A windmill to provide aeration to the pond. A small dock to provide easier access to the cages.
A small shed for equipment and to secure the canoe that was donated by Inner City Aquaponics.

  • 29 Mar
    Fish need oxygen!

    Students at RMS want to provide oxygen for the fish that will be raised in their pond, so logically they constructed this awesome windmill to make it happen.  A tube form the top of the windmill will feed oxygen into the pond.

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  • 25 Jun
    The windmill is on the way!

    Rossville Middle was recently awarded a $2000 STEM mini grant. The funds will be used to purchase a twelve foot windmill that will provide aeration to the pond. The remainder of the funds will be used to purchase lumber to build a small floating dock that will give students greater access to their catfish culture […]

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