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  • 29 Mar
    Georgia Tech and Ridgeland STEM learn together!

             The RHS STEM Academy visited the Georgia Tech Research Institute to collaborate with engineering students and professors on their STEM projects.  Earlier in the year Georgia Tech professors and students visited RHS for a lesson on aquaponics from the RHS STEM teachers.

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  • 13 Sep
    Robots arrive at Saddle Ridge!

      The EV3 lego Robotics kits arrived at Saddle Ridge this week, and staff members from around the county received in depth training today. Teachers learned how to assemble the basic bot, and how to program the robot to perform a specific task.  Students will build more complicated versions of the robot pictured and eventually […]

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  • 1 Aug
    LHS aquaponics system is almost complete!

         LHS should have it’s aquaponic system up and running before the start of school.  As you can see from the pictures, once complete they should be able to produce a substantial amount of food from a narrow space in the green house. Oh and thanks again Hatponics.    

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  • 29 Jul
    Rossville Elementary prepping there system

    Rossville elementary is prepping their aquaponics for a new year.  They will be adding a new tank to the system that will make it easier for the students to view and study the fish.  The system will run without fish or plants for approximately 20 days.  Then the new fish will be introduced to the […]

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