Naomi Elementary
BlueBerry Farming

Our Purpose

Creating Curricular and co-curricular programs through sustainable farming opportunities at each of our existing k-12 school sites. The study of sustainable food systems will allow our students and teachers to make a deeper connection to the long standing and rich agricultural tradition of Walker County. Collaborative agricultural projects will allow each school to create a platform to integrate STEM concepts and place a greater emphasis on interdisciplinary learning. Agricultural projects actively engage our students in ways that traditional methods can not.

STEM Principles and Sustainable Agriculture in Action

Each project will be used as an organic laboratory which will incorporate STEM concepts with sustainable agriculture.

  • Proliferate the use of sustainable agricultural techniques with our farm partners and community. Instill entrepreneurial concepts and stimulate innovation through the development of new agricultural technology.
  • Engage the community in a meaningful way that will produce true public/private partnerships with the express purpose of creating new job opportunities


Currently the Walker County Science Center sits on 10.2 pristine acres of farm land, but it’s only uses are to service the James Smith Planetarium and the NASA Lunar Observatory . With the completion of “The Big Project” we will transform the remaining space into a full time agriculture, technology research facility. By transforming the remaining space students from all over North Georgia will get to experience STEM learning and sustainable agriculture in action. The additions would include a barn, aquaponics lab, solar array, windmill, and teaching amphitheater.

School Based Projects

Some schools are just now integrating sustainability concepts into their math, science, engineering, agriculture and technology instruction. Partnerships with existing farms in Walker County would allow those programs to grow and in some cases get off the ground. All of these projects would be school wide collaborations and would require matching the school with the right donor.