Pipeline to Prosperity

Educational partnerships are essential to expand the scope of what our students and teachers can accomplish. Learning never stops, and we need our young and old minds alike to be exposed to post secondary level thinking and processes.

Let’s Work Together

We need friends in high places, most notably universities and technical colleges

Currently Pursing Partnerships

Chattanooga State:
World class engineering facilities, and they are looking to grow into new areas.

Georgia Northwestern:
Literally in our back yard; ready, willing, and able to provide innovative educational opportunities for our students.

University Of Georgia:
The flagship university of our state, and one of the most prestigious agricultural departments in the country.

The University of the South: Sewanee:
Just recently created an entire department dedicated to sustainability, and hands down
the best collection of environmental minds in America.

We want our students to seize control of their future. They need to know that the educational process does not end with a high school diploma. Establishing partnerships with post secondary institutions will round out the vision of our movement. If you have existing science, technology, engineering, mathematics, agricultural, or environmental programs, then we want to help you grow. If you are interested in starting a new program in the sustainable agriculture field then we will help you make that possible. We will help you write the curriculum, and create the content for your courses. We love to create digital content and would jump at the chance to collaborate.